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Mobile Construction Management Apps at Your Fingertips

Construction management software tools are now readily available for mobile devices, and several are quite good. People are on the go and need their software apps to travel with them. They need the answers to be mobile too, not just the questions. There are so many out there today, it is difficult to wade through, to the very best.

Latista is a great construction management software company, offering a complete field management application to seemingly, meet all construction project management needs. Maintaining multiple projects of varying sizes, locations, at different stages of development can be difficult to track on a desk top unit. Latista makes your project management real easy with their mobile, cloud based solution. Storage space is limitless.

No matter what you need or where you are, your quality assurance needs are at your fingertips. Tracking punch lists are very efficient, one client mentioned. Their construction project management is tight and succinct, promising to save time through intuitive linkages, integrating all the different pieces, meeting all requirements according to project specifications.

Corecon Mobile was built specifically to accommodate workers in the field, unable to access the office units. Corecon Mobile was developed to fill the gap that Corecon V7 encountered. Corecon has an entire product line, fully compatible vertically. The job accounting and invoicing features work well with QuickBooks.

Procore captures a whole lot of features and functionality. The dashboard is a full page with very intuitive features that are easy to use. Multiple projects can be tracked and many users can be added at no additional cost. Each user can be defined by their function or role and access limited or expanded accordingly. Those using Oracle Primavera or MS Project can interface easily sharing scheduling with Procore. The drawing management tool, CurrentSet, has many convenient features, with version control, mark up and annotation capabilities. The document management feature has convenient directory and file level permission setting.

PlanGrid is another cloud-based construction app. The first 55 sheets are available free, for software review. The file sharing features are extensive and version control seems to be well designed. Sharing drawings with non PlanGrid users works conveniently, when they are emailed over.

Why Partner and Vendor Relationships Are Important for Business

Relationships between vendors and associations have become important due to the changing economic trends. Vendors aggressively compete with each other. This means that partners have to work hard to get association business with the vendor and even fight to keep that good relationship. The vendors know that your success is their success. Well-selected, reliable vendors can help you develop your products and increase your market share in a competitive business environment. Here are some of the reasons why partner vendor relationships are important for business.

Quality improvements

The main aim of any business is to deliver quality products or services to the customer. Sometimes, your products can have defaults that need to be corrected. Without a good partner, you will not be able to identify and correct those flaws. Vendors are the people who hear more feedback from your customers. They are the ones who are more close to the customer than you are. Unless you conduct a survey, which in some cases can be skewed, it is very hard to establish what the customer wants from your product. A strong vendor relationship will make it easier for you to identify customer needs and the changing trends in the market.


A strong vendor relationship will help the partner to develop more customized products. For example, the vendor can identify a certain product that is needed in the market. You can use this information to develop a product that will address this need. You can also sync your data with the vendor and share with them important information about customers and products. The vendors will also help you in delivering your customized products.


Increased customer demand require you to change adjust to accommodate those change. Vendors are always willing to change to serve their customers in the best way. If you have a strong relationship with your vendor, it is very easy to communicate with the vendor and make the necessary adjustments. This will allow your business to grow and gain that extra edge over your competitors.

New opportunities

When you develop a strong relationship with vendors, your business will have a chance to expand. The vendors will take your products or services to other are that you could not have explored on your own. The vendors become an extension of your team. You can rely on them to give you the most important information about the market.

How to Increase the Value of Each of Your Customers

A business is all about service to the public, whether it is a service offered to customers or products, they keep coming back to purchase. It is of utmost importance that business owners get to know each customer personally. When this happens the customer trusts the company they are doing business with and feel comfortable doing business at the company. Companies need to focus on each customer as though they are their only customer. All attention should flow from the company leaders to the customer in order to build a long-term relationship that is trustworthy. In the beginning, companies need to grow their customer base and then grow the customer into the company that seals a lasting relationship.

The company must build a relationship of honesty with the customer and place the customer as number one priority. Business owners need to share their product or service knowledge with the customer. If your customer has a business, create a partnership between your business and your client’s business. Refer their business to others, try their products or find a use for their services. Using these methods will not increase business expenses; however, this method is bound to increase profits for your company.

It is of utmost importance to build brand loyalty. A business assures to the public their persistence towards quality products, stressing a high valued customer service staff that pays attention to all customers. Exceptional customer service brings back the same customer repeatedly through the years. Assure product quality and excellence to go along with the highly rated customer service department.

When a company sells a product, an attempt needs to be made to offer the client just a bit more, which means just a bit more profit. As another example, businesses can upsell products by offering a valuable increase in the same product or service, for example upselling the ordered cheeseburger by biggie sizing the cheeseburger.

Cross selling is a method to increase profits through selling additional products to the customer, such as; he or she goes into Sears and purchases a moderately priced electric vacuum cleaner in addition to vacuum cleaner bags to go with the sweeper. When cross-selling or upselling products and services be honest and offer a delivery date.

Every company at one time or another need to offer customers just the right rewards and incentives. This method needs to grab a hold of the public’s attention. These rewards need to be attainable by the customer. There are rewards that compliment your brand. Such as, if he or she’s brand is a healthy diet do not give away a box of chocolates for a reward. The offering of the free gifts is a method that uses a company’s product as rewards to encourage trial of the products to increase profitability. Never offer deep rewards as this can compromise company profits.

Keep communication lines open between your company and your customer(s) through a number of different avenues such as the telephone, emails and text messages. In this fast-paced world of high technology, more people are appreciate text messages and emails from companies. Customers, these days, do not appreciate phone calls alerting them of specials and rewards. Besides, most people do not answer their phone if they do not recognize the number of the calling party. Social networks offer the advantage of getting messages to the customer to read at their leisure.

Keeping Your Online Information Air Tight

Passwords are our basic entry point for most of the things that we do online. They keep everything safe for us, from our Facebook profile all the way up to our banking information. No matter what, there is bound to be a password used to protect accounts. Having strong passwords helps us to have a greater peace of mind that our information is protected and secure. What are some of the things that can be done to ensure stronger passwords though?

Use A Word You Will Remember

You will want to incorporate a keyword that you will remember for your password. At the same time, you do not want it to be just one word. Such passwords are weak and easier to figure out. Instead, you will need to incorporate some special characters, symbols, and numbers around that keyword in order to produce something that is stronger. The numbers and characters too should have some meaning to you or be otherwise easy to remember. By doing this you will save yourself the time of having to reset your passwords constantly.

Do Not Use The Same Password For Everything

It may be tempting to use the same password for all of your accounts, but this is not a wise move to make. Using the same password for everything means that a hacker would only need to know one of your passwords in order to have all of your information at once. Clearly, that is not a position that you want to find yourself in. Instead, consider making your passwords similar enough to one another to be easy to remember while not so similar that they are easy to steal.

Some Passwords You Don’t Want To Use

Common passwords that you do not want to use include things like the following:

  • 1234
  • Your Child’s Name
  • Your Pet’s Name
  • Your Anniversary
  • Your Own Name

These passwords may be completely easy for you to remember, but once again they are too easy for someone else to simply guess. Pet’s names and the like have been used as passwords for far too long. People have caught on to the fact that some are going to use these as their passwords, and they therefore are quite easy to figure out. Think about this the next time you consider making something your password, and avoid these common ones.

Business Solutions That Reduce E-Commerce Fraud

Instances of e-commerce fraud are increasing day by day with retailers dealing with identity thefts, account takeovers, CC fraud, and chargebacks from mobile and online channels. The main challenge is to ensure that customers still have a great experience and find ways to prevent e-commerce frauds. The following are a few business solutions that can actively reduce e-commerce fraud and will also help in enhancing customer experience –

E-Commerce Platforms With Risk Management and Fraud Protection – When businesses choose the right platform for their website, design and cost often takes precedence over everything else. However, this is one area where you can improve the security of your website. There are some e-commerce platforms that offer great customer service in case of fraud and also have measures to prevent such a thing from happening. Best choices are Shopify, Stripe, Highwire, Volusion, Payzaa, Bigcommerce, Magento, osCommerce, FoxyCart, and DPD.

Don’t Store Sensitive Customer Information – According to PCI standards, businesses cannot store the CVV2 number, expiration dates and other credit card details of their customers. This is to prevent hackers from stealing vital information. However, for recurring payments, PCI allows it. Businesses should make sure that, in case of recurring payments, they are not storing CVV2 codes. If they can’t steal from the customers, neither can hackers.

Prevent Chargeback Frauds By Using Tracking Numbers – Chargeback fraud is usually committed by customers. Even after the business delivers the product, the customer claims they never got it and demand a refund. The bank of the customer would, in this case, forcibly make the refund and the business would be accountable. To prevent this, businesses must have tracking numbers to ensure that the parcel is reaching their customers. When delivered, signatures must be made compulsory as an added measure.

Risk Scoring of Transactions – Settings can help to score the risk factor of all transactions in real time based on data factors. For normal transactions with no risk, payment can go ahead unhindered. However, for transactions falling within certain parameters, manual reviewing should be done before the order is given the “OK’. In order to completely manage the chances of fraud, post-purchase management is also important. It would prevent chargeback frauds.

Common security actions like making the customers use strong passwords, using security codes on credit cards, setting up system alerts for suspicious activities, using https: while checking out, updating database passwords regularly, and hiring an auditor to check system security can also help in preventing frauds.

Top 10 Companies That Create Business Automation Tools

One of, if not the top method for companies to drive revenue to their website and converting leads into sales, is by using business automation tools. Doing this can maximize the value of data, improve engagement and measure effectiveness of their marketing efforts. Ten valuable companies have created outstanding business automation tools that have deemed successful to the market, all around the world.

10 business automation tool creation companies that are on top of many professional reviewers and consumers lists:

1) Marketo – Very user friendly, according to reviewers, the most user -friendly out of the bunch. One of the best known and most mature. Great for any sized business and offers a complete set of tools for the largest campaigns.

2) Infusion Soft – Has the most customers at 7,000. Combines sales and marketing workflow into one interface.Great for small businesses.Increases marketing efficiency with personal campaigns and lead management.

3) Silver Pop – One of the best CRM systems and a leader in email marketing space. Includes: lead management, surveys, social integration and more.The only digital marketing technology that combines marketing automation with email, mobile and social marketing.

4) Act On – One of the newest but hits hard. Features: lead management, website visitor traffic, analytics and more. Great for any sized business.

5) Eloqua – Full loaded and offers optimum service. Spends excessive amounts of time helping their customers get the best out of there project.

6) SalesFusion – Effective for businesses online to improve their marketing campaign effectiveness through social media tools, scoring, email marketing and more.

7) Hubspot – 5,000 + customers The best all – around unit. Very versatile.Great for small business owners.Gives the basics of a broad spectrum of features. Includes lead transformation tools for transforming outbound lead generations to inbound ones. Very savvy.

8) Sales Force – Built on CRM and has many marketing automation solutions. Over 15 years on the market.

9) Loop Fuse – One of the highest recommended. Provides detailed reports on online customer’ behavior.

10) Lead Squared – This is considered as the “World’s friendliest Marketing Software”.B2C that manages the entire customer acquisition process.