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Generate Real Estate Business Using Facebook Advertising

Leads and more leads

There is a quote by the very successful real estate tycoon Gary Keller that goes like this: “Lead generation comes first, last and always.” When someone like him says something like that, it should be a wake-up call for all those thinking about getting into the real estate business. In this day and age, social media is an excellent tool to get those all-important leads. Facebook is an excellent example of this since it is incorporated into our everyday lives. However, the number of people who use Facebook successfully for business purposes is still shockingly small. It is not because they are not trying. It’s because they are doing it wrong.

Lead Generation

Most real estate agents who use Facebook, do it thinking that they can get leads by just having a Facebook page and throwing up an ad or two.  This is not enough. The reason why agents make these sorts of mistakes is because they think they will get name recognition by doing taking this approach. However, unlike very big companies that have limitless amounts money to do marketing, it is difficult for a small-time agent with limited resources to get name recognition. It’s not uncommon for agents to pay the one-time fee for Facebook ads, only to find that it didn’t get them anywhere.

This where instead of name recognition agents need to concentrate on lead generation. The following is another quote by another famous real estate educator Than Merrill “No matter how much you know about the business, how hard you work at being better than your competition, or how much you try to be different and stand out from the crowd, at the end of the day what matters most is how many leads you generate.”

So, why is it difficult for people to understand that Facebook can be used for lead generation? Simple. Ever since its inception, Facebook has been viewed as a social site. This no longer true. Facebook has come a long way since its early days, and today it has a whole set of tools such as paid ads, social graph search, and business pages. All this makes Facebook a business tool, as much as a personal tool.

Converting Leads

So how does one go about turning those leads into customers? A popular method is to pixel the cold leads and then later try and convert them to hot leads. A cold lead would be a customer who is just browsing around without any specific ideas, whereas a hot lead is someone who is looking to buy and needs more guidance. Once hot leads are identified they can be targeted and shown ads that are more specified. This way, an agent can build a database of hot leads and start doing some real business based of soft connections.

District of Columbia Real Estate Developers

Washington DC is known globally for its historic structures, and the government selects top real estate companies to give beautiful structures that will gain global recognition. The firms that have had the privilege to work with the government are ones that have built excellent track throughout the years of their operation. The real estate companies reposition and restructure historic landmarks, develop commercial building and maintain and manage state buildings among other jobs the government requires them to do. Before building the state views the plan to ascertain they are acceptable by the state laws and regulations.

The government official has handpicked several companies; among them the one to handle an individual project at a time chosen. These are the companies to look for when venturing into real estate, the ones that have liaised with the government.

Lerner Enterprises, founded as a family business in 1952, since then the company has grown to success and even built award winning projects like Washington Square, Dulles Town, The Fall at Flint Hill and The Corporate Office Centre.
The Peterson Companies Ltd. is among the largest private owned real estate companies. Since 1965 it has built its name by the magnificent work it has been involved. Projects that The Peterson company has done include by not limited to National Harbor, Washingtonian, Virginia Gateway and Fair Lakes. Milton Peterson is the founder and chairman and he recently received TrendLine’s Private Sector Trendsetter of the Year Award, the company on the other hand throughout the year has been awarded over 70 awards.

Franklin Haney Company was founded by Franklin Haney in Tennessee before he moved its headquarters to Washington in 1994. It has been involved in big projects and currently working on Dulles Greenway among others. Douglas Development has been in existence for almost twelve years and has earned praises from the government, community members and even competitors. Have dealt with projects like The Atlantic Building, The Woodies Building and 7th Row of Chinatown among others.

JBG Companies, founded in 1960 aims to be a world-class real estate company. As at October 2016, they had constructed 9,150 multifamily residential units, 3,760 hotel rooms, offices up to 11.7 million square feet and 4.9 million square feet of retail.

Clark Construction is among the oldest in the market, over a century old; George Hyman was the founder and back then it was called George Hyman Construction Company. The named changed to Clark Construction when they merged with OMNI Construction. Up to date has received more than 1,400 different awards and have done major projects.