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Government Owned Buildings by Family Owned Real Estate Development

There are currently many real estate development projects being launched by family owned companies operating in Washington D.C. These companies focus on the development of government property and work to improve government real estate throughout the region.

Being community conscious developers is a hallmark of many of these fine companies. In addition to improving the function and aesthetic appeal of these areas, they also work to create an eco-friendly environment.

No project is commenced without a full study of how the work will impact the community and environment as a whole. They conduct thorough investigations into the energy efficiency of all appliances, lighting and insulation as well as the water conservation and proximity to other structures. This allows them to produce the most beneficial designs and “green” improvements.

Only the best practices are applied to these projects. All family owned real estate development companies operating in the D.C. area use fully-accredited professionals and contractors with plenty of experience. This ensures that all the work is done to the standards set for all government buildings.

This includes all projects whether they work on residential or commercial facilities. It is essential that all types of projects meet local, state and federal requirements. This is especially important when applying water conservation methods and energy efficiency features. It is also important that these guidelines be followed for the methods of handling biodegradable wastes and other waste materials that must be disposed of.

All aspects of these requirements are met by these leading real estate developers. Furthermore, they still manage to create aesthetically attractive projects and great looking buildings too.

There are several companies operating throughout Washington D.C. that fit this description. Following is an overview of some of the most significant examples and a few details about them:

Frank Haney – this company works in both construction and development. They specialize in advising their clients on their projects to achieve stellar results.

-JBG Construction – this company had increased its value to over $1Billion in the last few years. They are known for their premiere services in development projects.

-Buchanan Brothers – the local experts in residential and commercial real estate development. These professionals are well-known for their “green-living” projects.

The work performed by these world-class companies has been showcased across the online world. Even celebrities have graced these developments with their pomp and flamboyance. President Donald Trump was seen hosting government meetings at the newly developed Trump Hotel in D.C. Tom Cruise made an appearance at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum which commemorates the fallen during that dark period.

Each of these companies has contributed to the wealth of beauty and culture enjoyed by the residents of Washington D.C. Their continued work is a sign of progress and an increased quality of life for the city and community.

Government Property Developers in Washington DC

There has been a big improvement in the old, rundown neighborhoods in DC thanks to real estate development. In DC, strict regulations exist that developers in to observe and before the approval of a property development project. All these are but for the safety measures, to protect life and property, and to always ensure that new buildings under construction strictly follow the laid down Frank Haney guidelines. To top it all, DC is now the new residence for real-estate investors and current president Donald Trump.

Real estate development companies in DC are involved in all sorts of property development; from residential, commercial, and government projects. They also do building maintenances and the renovation of old buildings.

Being the U.S Capital, there are undoubtedly quite a number of government real estate projects undertaken in DC. With that said, there are a number of government-approved real estate developers that can undertake such projects. These include:

Douglas Development Corporation

Douglas Development was established back in 1985 by its founder and current president Douglas Jemal. The Company is a fully integrated real estate company with 100 employees, but it remains a privately-operated, family-owned company. Some of the awards the company has received which demonstrate their recognition as one of the successful real estate companies in DC include the Community Service Award for the Atlantic building and the Mayor’s Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation.

JBG Companies

It is a privately-owned real estate investment and management company which initially started out as a law firm when it was founded back in the year 1957. It was until the year 1960 where they stopped the practice of law and then incorporated as the real estate development firm we know it today. They are involved in commercial, residential, hotel, and office projects in the DC area.

MK Development

They are a full-service general contractor offering construction services for government, residential, and commercial clients. MK Development was founded in the year 2005 as real-estate development and investment firm. Their team includes highly-experienced and professional staff, connected to a network of highly-qualified subcontractors, vendors, and local consultants. There are fully approved to conduct business in DC, Virginia, and Maryland.

Clark Construction Group

It is one of the most experienced and respected construction firms in the U.S in the industry for a period spanning over a century. They have been in operation since 1906, starting out as a small local excavator. With over 4000 employees spread out across the United States, Clark Construction has won numerous awards and accolades for craftsmanship, quality, and safety.

Generate Real Estate Business Using Facebook Advertising

Leads and more leads

There is a quote by the very successful real estate tycoon Gary Keller that goes like this: “Lead generation comes first, last and always.” When someone like him says something like that, it should be a wake-up call for all those thinking about getting into the real estate business. In this day and age, social media is an excellent tool to get those all-important leads. Facebook is an excellent example of this since it is incorporated into our everyday lives. However, the number of people who use Facebook successfully for business purposes is still shockingly small. It is not because they are not trying. It’s because they are doing it wrong.

Lead Generation

Most real estate agents who use Facebook, do it thinking that they can get leads by just having a Facebook page and throwing up an ad or two.  This is not enough. The reason why agents make these sorts of mistakes is because they think they will get name recognition by doing taking this approach. However, unlike very big companies that have limitless amounts money to do marketing, it is difficult for a small-time agent with limited resources to get name recognition. It’s not uncommon for agents to pay the one-time fee for Facebook ads, only to find that it didn’t get them anywhere.

This where instead of name recognition agents need to concentrate on lead generation. The following is another quote by another famous real estate educator Than Merrill “No matter how much you know about the business, how hard you work at being better than your competition, or how much you try to be different and stand out from the crowd, at the end of the day what matters most is how many leads you generate.”

So, why is it difficult for people to understand that Facebook can be used for lead generation? Simple. Ever since its inception, Facebook has been viewed as a social site. This no longer true. Facebook has come a long way since its early days, and today it has a whole set of tools such as paid ads, social graph search, and business pages. All this makes Facebook a business tool, as much as a personal tool.

Converting Leads

So how does one go about turning those leads into customers? A popular method is to pixel the cold leads and then later try and convert them to hot leads. A cold lead would be a customer who is just browsing around without any specific ideas, whereas a hot lead is someone who is looking to buy and needs more guidance. Once hot leads are identified they can be targeted and shown ads that are more specified. This way, an agent can build a database of hot leads and start doing some real business based of soft connections.

How to Get Rid of Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)

Private mortgage insurance, or PMI, is insurance that you pay to your mortgage company when you put less than 20% down as a down payment on your home purchase. PMI serves as insurance to your mortgage company in the event you walk away from your home if the value declines below its purchase price. For a home buyer this insurance represents a very real (and pricey) expenditure that is paid each month until the outstanding principal on your home mortgage is less than 80% of the purchase price (your investment is 20% of the home purchase price).

The benefit of paying PMI is that you can purchase a home with less than 20% of a down payment, but the negative is the monthly cost of paying this amount. The easiest way to get rid of PMI is to make additional payments of principal into your home until you reach the 20% magic number. However, even when you reach the 80% you will need to write a letter to your mortgage lender and indicate to them that you no longer need PMI. If you do not reach out to them, they will wait until it reaches 78% before removal.

So real estate educators like Than Merrill of Fortunebuilders suggest “doing everything you can to not pay one month more of PMI payments than you have to”, and encourages people to do their due diligence to have it removed.

Here are some of the various strategies that can be used by borrowers to remove PMI even if you don’t have a 20% investment in your home.

One way to do so is with a separate loan from another lender. An example of this is with a personal loan from a third party lender whose proceeds you then use to make payments on your mortgage to reduce the principal loan below the threshold. Generally speaking, home lines of credit won’t qualify for this purpose as they represent a second mortgage on your home. A personal loan, either from a family member or third party lender will qualify and may be a worthwhile alternative to paying PMI, even if the mortgage loan has a lower rate of interest than your new loan.

Another way to get rid of PMI is with a new home appraisal. A home appraisal usually costs a few hundred dollars, but if your home has appreciated in value and could get you to a point of 80% LTV it would likely pay for itself in a month or two when you hit the magic number. If your home appraisal does not get you to that threshold in value, you may be stuck without the removal of PMI. Nevertheless, the new appraisal will be the basis for the loan to value ratio the lender uses going forward.

Another option to remove PMI is by refinancing your home mortgage loan. A refinance will not only lower your interest rate but trigger a new property assessment that will lead to the potential removal of PMI.

Homeowners have several different options for getting rid of PMI and should try do what they can to reduce the cost of their mortgage as soon as they are able.

Resources to Advance Your Consulting Career

After graduating, frustration kicks in when one has to tarmac for months on end without landing the job that they thought they would. A few wise ones decide to start their own businesses, instead of relying on the promise of an employment in a big company. One of the businesses that is most taken up by this entrepreneur is consulting. There are many reasons why people adore consulting business. One, the pay is great. Secondly, you do not need much capital to start up this business. Therefore, most people jump into it not knowing that there are some skills required to keep the business afloat. It is for this reason that companies such as CAPCO came into existence. The CAPCO Associate Talent program equips new consultants with the required skills and experience to thrive in the business. Here are some of the skills that you get from their program.


Confidence is one of the qualities that any great consultant must exude. A confident consultant will be able to lay their ideas on the table, making people believe that your strategies could really work. However, with confidence comes the need for being the bigger person and always admitting when you are wrong. The CAPCO Program will help you build confidence, preparing you for the consulting career.

Interpersonal Skills

A good consultant should possess great interpersonal skills. This means that, one should be able to relate with anyone, regardless of their status within the organization. Possessing these skills prepares a consultant in dealing with difficult clients and clients who will take nothing except what they ask for and within their given timelines.

Customer Dedication

Before getting into the consultation career, it is important to understand that the job will not always be smooth. Sometimes, you will be expected to handle a very big workload within a very short time. You should be ready and willing to dedicate yourself entirely to a project, even if it means having to work overtime.


Creativity is one of the most important characteristics that consultants should possess. Different customers will expect different ideas and different outcomes. Therefore, you need to think outside the box at all times.

Bottom Line

Being prosperous as a consultant requires that you lay a fine foundation beforehand. Enrolling for a consultation program should will go a long in helping you make a fine start.

How Do Companies Fund Government Real Estate Construction

Companies like Franklin Haney have many of the government contracts that are out there today, and these companies are concerned about doing as much work in the area as possible. Washington DC has a lot of room to grow, and these companies want to help manage that growth as much as possible. There are many things that can be built in the city, but it is important for these people to have the money to get the projects done.

The Government Checks

The government prefers to do checks on the companies they give contracts to, and Clark and Fluor are able to pay for anything that they say they can do. This is a pretty nice thing for people who want to be able to get jobs done fast, and it helps get them done faithfully. Both of these companies have all the resources they could ever need, and they will give the city a chance to grow that is very important for everyone who lives in the city.

Government buildings bring a lot of jobs, and they also help build communities. There are a lot of communities around the city that are built around some government buildings, and that means that most of the people living there are working for the government. Clark and Fluor move fast to do the government contracts, and they will do projects that help build places for people to live. This is a really nice way for the city to grow, and these companies are sure that they can get it done.

The Bids

The bids for all the projects show that these companies can pay for the projects pretty easily. The government pays when the work is done, and they want to make sure that all the construction companies they work with can pay for what is needed. This is a pretty big deal for everyone involved, and it means millions for companies like Clark and Fluor who can get the work done quickly.

Anyone who is looking at government contracts needs to make sure that they know what is going on in the city. Companies like Clark and Fluor can get these jobs done because they have the funds, and they will make sure that all the government jobs are done the right way the first time. Anyone who is concerned about government funding for these jobs will see who is best equipped.

Increase your real estate value in California

Tons and tons of people like Than Merrill all over the country are getting rich by flipping houses, but do not get the impression that you can simply go out and purchase a home and turn around and sell it for a profit. There is a ton of math, intuition, risk assessment and planning that all go into selecting the right properties and if you truly want to be successful at flipping houses, the wisest thing you can possibly do is follow one of the real estate gurus that are currently flourishing. One the best real estate markets, when it comes to flipping homes, in the country is in San Diego, where there are a plethora of great real estate investors that focus on educating people about making wise decisions when it comes to buying homes and how to capitalize on those homes. Seth O’Byrne has been wildly successful in the area and has a lot of people that he has helped to become very successful. Some other people you might want to check out are Robert G. Allen and John Goodell, who both have great insight into the real estate market in the city.

One of the biggest things that real estate gurus look for when they are searching for a potential home to purchase, is the potential for upgrades. Many homes are on the market that are dilapidated, or simply have the potential for their value to be increased. This can be done by the individual themselves, or can be done by an outside party, but assessing these costs and then assessing the property will give you a better idea of whether a home is a good risk or not. Learning these skills would be fairly difficult for someone trying to do it on their own, as there is a huge learning curve, and you flat out do not want to be trying to beat a learning curve when you are in the game of buying homes, which come at a huge price tag.

The secret to hitting it big when it comes to real estate investing and flipping homes is being able to get a fully accurate portrayal of every aspect of the home, when it comes to it’s monetary value. While you might be able to assess the market and pick whether a home may go for more money, you really need all of the tools in your pocket, which is why it is greatly beneficial to consult with, or simply follow the advice of one of these gurus.

New Funding Program Creates Venture Capital in Texas

There is no question that small businesses have been far from thriving since about 2008 when the economy tanked, but a host of programs have been erected, which aim to help small businesses open their doors. Various programs, such as the CAPCO programs, have been created to stimulate the economy and help businesses get on their feet, which has proven to be almost impossible over the last few years. This is due to the fact that few banks have been willing to dole out money to various businesses, as there has been a decently high propensity for these new businesses to fail, which in turn hurts the banks, as they were the ones that loaned the money.

CAPCO has been created as a means to fix this issue, and as a way to create jobs in the community and drive further taxes in the future through creating successful businesses. Although some people are under the impression that these sort of programs are actual cash that is given to banks, which is then used to hand out to various businesses that have provided a good business plan and put in an application with the banks, the reality is that the money these banks receive is in the form of tax credits. This means that the banks will not have to pay back a certain amount of money at the end of the year and can thus use that amount of money to help businesses to get started.

It is essentially a way of diverting money to businesses that need a helping hand. The end result is great, as there are a ton of businesses that can get started and open up their doors, and at least have a fighting chance to be successful. When they do start generating income, they will inevitably pay a good amount of tax, which in turn comes right back around to the government.

When look at in this way, it is a huge investment, as the money is never wasted, but is simply used to expand the economy in a constructive way. There really is no loser in this type of set up, which is why there have been so many of these programs that have started to pop up all over the country in places like Texas, which have been used to productively help a handful of businesses in the local area get started, as well as create jobs.

Day to day operations of a construction business

The day to day operations for Frank Haney’s construction business vary depending on what type of business it is. Construction typically is divided up into various separate lines of work, such as framing, drywall, painters, plumbers and roofers. There are all sorts of things that need to be done at varying times throughout the timeline in which a building is being constructed. Generally speaking, there are usually general contractors that watch the overall operations and make sure that everything is running smoothly, especially in larger cities such as Washington DC.

The reality in construction is the fact that there is a general timeline, but things tend to go as conditions allow. All sorts of things can derail the operations that are set up for any given construction company at any given time, but generally they have a timeline that they follow and do work according to that. Construction is basically a continuous process that simply starts work where the last day finished. Typically you will be working on a project that is going to take a long time, months or even years, to complete. This means that the workers will do their daily operations and work towards completing the goal of finishing the project completely.

A lot of the time construction companies will be working on a plethora of projects at once, so that they stay busy all of the time. One of the biggest downfalls about being in the field of construction is the fact that a lot of the time there is no work. This simply happens because new buildings are not being erected for one reason or another, or their company failed to find any projects, leaving the construction workers with no choice but to go on unemployment for an undetermined period of time, until the construction company they work for finds more work. This is a process that is continual for construction workers, making the life of a construction worker fairly unpredictable from day to day. Most of the time there is not a significant clean up, this would be a big waste of time at the beginning of the day and the end of the day, and construction companies are all about finishing their projects in the most efficient manner as possible. Usually projects are detailed out and paid based on the overall completion, not in how long it takes to get the project done, so construction companies are motivated to move things along as quickly as possible.

House Flipping Seminars Teach You All You Need To Know

San Diego house flipping seminars will teach you all about the real estate market in the city, the way you should flip houses and how to manage your business like Than Merrill. The house flipping market is a real one that you can take on yourself if you are smart, but you must make sure that you are doing the house flipping the right way. The FortuneBuilders seminar have professionals who can help you learn about the house flipping market, and you will learn how to manage your business at the same time.

Why Flip Houses?

You can flip houses for a profit without working too hard at your business. You could flip two or three houses in a year and make very good money. The market allows for you to find good houses that are worth flipping, and you will be able to narrow your focus to just a few homes that you can flip with relative ease. You do not need to work constantly to do house flipping right, and you will be able to do work that is not as stressful on you or your family.

How Do You Flip A House?

You flip a house by purchasing the house for a low price, making some improvements and selling the house for a profit. You could easily make money each house because you are pricing the house correctly. The pricing for each house depends on the market, and you can work with a real estate agent who understands how to price and list your home. You need to have a working knowledge of the industry if you want to make the right choices, and a partner real estate agent will make sure you make the right choices.

The Business

You can make house flipping into a family business that is going to be profitable for you and your child. The family business will be able to support your kids when they grow up, or you could create satellite offices that allow people to work all over the San Diego area. Go to a house flipping seminar today to learn how to make money on simple properties that you flip in your spare time. A little work here and there will help you make a profit, and the work you do could become your whole career when you do it right. Keep it in the family, and you have a family business your kids will love.