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Milken Institute’s Global Conference Gathers Top Minds

LOS ANGELES, California–The Milken Institute 20th annual Global Conference took place on April 30 and lasted through May 3 at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California.

The Global Conference, “Building Meaningful Lives,” gathered more than 3,5000 leaders from 50 countries to network and hear 700 speakers in a variety of industries, as well as top leaders from finance, politics and higher education.

The Milken Institute, a nonpartisan think tank founded in 1991, has as its stated mission, “to increase global prosperity by advancing collaborative solutions that widen access to capital, create jobs and improve health.” The Global Conference is its flagship event.

Conference Topics
In line with the Milken Institute’s mission of seeking global solutions to problems of how to increase prosperity and health, the 2017 conference included topics such as “Disrupting Food: Alternative Proteins Leading to a More Sustainable Future,” “Health Citizenship: The Nexus of Data, Technology and Research,” a “Future of Food” roundtable, “Will You Live to a Healthy 100?” “Investing in Sustainable Development,” “Supercharge the Search for Cures: Medical Philanthropists Reinvent Giving to Get Results,” and “AI: Reshaping the World As We Know It.”
Timely, top-of-the-news topics included “Turning the Tide on the Opioid Epidemic,” “Activist Athletes: Embracing Social Advocacy,” “China, Architect of a New Global Order?” “Not Working: Solutions to America’s Underemployment Crisis,” and a look at the Trump Administration: “The First 100 Days—and the Next 1,000.”

Conference Speakers
Speakers included U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, and Ambassador Yousef Al Otaiba, as well as economists and industry leaders. Education discussion speakers included U.S. Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. Media figures who moderated discussions include Katie Couric of Yahoo, Scarlet Fu of Bloomberg, Nicholas Kristof and David Sanger of The New York Times and Carol Lee of the Wall Street Journal.

The event was very well received. In fact, leading up to the conference, registration was sold out for $12,000 and $15,000 Associates Members. The top level included invitation-only conference events as well as a private meeting with the Milken Institute CEO or president and COO.

Details about the conference, events and speakers are available at the website,

Government Owned Buildings by Family Owned Real Estate Development

There are currently many real estate development projects being launched by family owned companies operating in Washington D.C. These companies focus on the development of government property and work to improve government real estate throughout the region.

Being community conscious developers is a hallmark of many of these fine companies. In addition to improving the function and aesthetic appeal of these areas, they also work to create an eco-friendly environment.

No project is commenced without a full study of how the work will impact the community and environment as a whole. They conduct thorough investigations into the energy efficiency of all appliances, lighting and insulation as well as the water conservation and proximity to other structures. This allows them to produce the most beneficial designs and “green” improvements.

Only the best practices are applied to these projects. All family owned real estate development companies operating in the D.C. area use fully-accredited professionals and contractors with plenty of experience. This ensures that all the work is done to the standards set for all government buildings.

This includes all projects whether they work on residential or commercial facilities. It is essential that all types of projects meet local, state and federal requirements. This is especially important when applying water conservation methods and energy efficiency features. It is also important that these guidelines be followed for the methods of handling biodegradable wastes and other waste materials that must be disposed of.

All aspects of these requirements are met by these leading real estate developers. Furthermore, they still manage to create aesthetically attractive projects and great looking buildings too.

There are several companies operating throughout Washington D.C. that fit this description. Following is an overview of some of the most significant examples and a few details about them:

Frank Haney – this company works in both construction and development. They specialize in advising their clients on their projects to achieve stellar results.

-JBG Construction – this company had increased its value to over $1Billion in the last few years. They are known for their premiere services in development projects.

-Buchanan Brothers – the local experts in residential and commercial real estate development. These professionals are well-known for their “green-living” projects.

The work performed by these world-class companies has been showcased across the online world. Even celebrities have graced these developments with their pomp and flamboyance. President Donald Trump was seen hosting government meetings at the newly developed Trump Hotel in D.C. Tom Cruise made an appearance at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum which commemorates the fallen during that dark period.

Each of these companies has contributed to the wealth of beauty and culture enjoyed by the residents of Washington D.C. Their continued work is a sign of progress and an increased quality of life for the city and community.

District of Columbia Real Estate Developers

Washington DC is known globally for its historic structures, and the government selects top real estate companies to give beautiful structures that will gain global recognition. The firms that have had the privilege to work with the government are ones that have built excellent track throughout the years of their operation. The real estate companies reposition and restructure historic landmarks, develop commercial building and maintain and manage state buildings among other jobs the government requires them to do. Before building the state views the plan to ascertain they are acceptable by the state laws and regulations.

The government official has handpicked several companies; among them the one to handle an individual project at a time chosen. These are the companies to look for when venturing into real estate, the ones that have liaised with the government.

Lerner Enterprises, founded as a family business in 1952, since then the company has grown to success and even built award winning projects like Washington Square, Dulles Town, The Fall at Flint Hill and The Corporate Office Centre.
The Peterson Companies Ltd. is among the largest private owned real estate companies. Since 1965 it has built its name by the magnificent work it has been involved. Projects that The Peterson company has done include by not limited to National Harbor, Washingtonian, Virginia Gateway and Fair Lakes. Milton Peterson is the founder and chairman and he recently received TrendLine’s Private Sector Trendsetter of the Year Award, the company on the other hand throughout the year has been awarded over 70 awards.

Franklin Haney Company was founded by Franklin Haney in Tennessee before he moved its headquarters to Washington in 1994. It has been involved in big projects and currently working on Dulles Greenway among others. Douglas Development has been in existence for almost twelve years and has earned praises from the government, community members and even competitors. Have dealt with projects like The Atlantic Building, The Woodies Building and 7th Row of Chinatown among others.

JBG Companies, founded in 1960 aims to be a world-class real estate company. As at October 2016, they had constructed 9,150 multifamily residential units, 3,760 hotel rooms, offices up to 11.7 million square feet and 4.9 million square feet of retail.

Clark Construction is among the oldest in the market, over a century old; George Hyman was the founder and back then it was called George Hyman Construction Company. The named changed to Clark Construction when they merged with OMNI Construction. Up to date has received more than 1,400 different awards and have done major projects.

Cunningham Energy Looking to Explore Opportunities in South America

Cunningham Energy ( recently announced that they have reached a working agreement with Cunningham Energy S.A. Cunningham Energy helps international investors who are looking to expand outside the US. Cunningham Energy has an expanding pool of International clients with a need to service and work with those companies outside the United States. Cunningham Energy is looking at possible operating activities in both South and Central America. Cunningham Energy is located in downtown Panama City near the Biscay Financial Center Tower.

Cunningham Energy is an oil exploration company. The West Virginia company was founded to help acquire, explore, and produce oil and gas. The company has relied on new technologies to keep up in the field of energy production. Cunningham Energy is looking forward to taking advantage of trends in oil and gas production with their future decisions.

Cunningham Energy is just one example of an energy company that is exploring potential opportunities based on their international clients in Central and South America. There is definitely an opportunity for United States and European companies leading the way in a Caribbean and Central American energy transition. While President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez established an oil financing program for the Caribbean. The Program helped countries in the Caribbean with fixed payment plans and a discount on credit terms.

Energy companies can find traction in the cleaner power generation. The United States is maintaining dialogue with the states involved in the program, and is searching for strategies to help the program. Developing infrastructure in Central America will help the most energy dependent states use electricity in Panamanian natural gas power plants.

China market slump: Central bank cuts interest rates

The People’s Bank of China cut its main interest rate by 0.25 percentage points to 4.6% in an effort to calm stock markets after two days of turmoil.

It is the fifth interest rate cut since November and will take effect on Wednesday.

The move has boosted global share prices further, with Wall Street’s Dow Jones index opening more than 1.7% higher after the move.

In mid-afternoon European trading, London’s FTSE 100 was up almost 3%, while Germany’s Dax and the Paris Cac were ahead nearly 5%.

Other European markets, including Lisbon, Madrid, Moscow and Milan, were all sharply higher.

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