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Generate Real Estate Business Using Facebook Advertising

Leads and more leads

There is a quote by the very successful real estate tycoon Gary Keller that goes like this: “Lead generation comes first, last and always.” When someone like him says something like that, it should be a wake-up call for all those thinking about getting into the real estate business. In this day and age, social media is an excellent tool to get those all-important leads. Facebook is an excellent example of this since it is incorporated into our everyday lives. However, the number of people who use Facebook successfully for business purposes is still shockingly small. It is not because they are not trying. It’s because they are doing it wrong.

Lead Generation

Most real estate agents who use Facebook, do it thinking that they can get leads by just having a Facebook page and throwing up an ad or two.  This is not enough. The reason why agents make these sorts of mistakes is because they think they will get name recognition by doing taking this approach. However, unlike very big companies that have limitless amounts money to do marketing, it is difficult for a small-time agent with limited resources to get name recognition. It’s not uncommon for agents to pay the one-time fee for Facebook ads, only to find that it didn’t get them anywhere.

This where instead of name recognition agents need to concentrate on lead generation. The following is another quote by another famous real estate educator Than Merrill “No matter how much you know about the business, how hard you work at being better than your competition, or how much you try to be different and stand out from the crowd, at the end of the day what matters most is how many leads you generate.”

So, why is it difficult for people to understand that Facebook can be used for lead generation? Simple. Ever since its inception, Facebook has been viewed as a social site. This no longer true. Facebook has come a long way since its early days, and today it has a whole set of tools such as paid ads, social graph search, and business pages. All this makes Facebook a business tool, as much as a personal tool.

Converting Leads

So how does one go about turning those leads into customers? A popular method is to pixel the cold leads and then later try and convert them to hot leads. A cold lead would be a customer who is just browsing around without any specific ideas, whereas a hot lead is someone who is looking to buy and needs more guidance. Once hot leads are identified they can be targeted and shown ads that are more specified. This way, an agent can build a database of hot leads and start doing some real business based of soft connections.

How Technology Will Change Construction Teams

Technology poses challenges for people in the 21st century. As a result of technology, there is a sense of personalization lost today and people feel as though their thoughts are not properly construed through technology. In a lot of ways though, technology is changing the world we live in for the better. Technology is making our lives easier and more efficient before our eyes. Construction is a field, which has used blue prints for years, and is finally making the technological plunge in a lot of ways.

Today there is different software available for construction teams to track their progress, manage project photos and workers schedules. There are a lot of advantages of using a software application like Latista field to streamline the construction design review process of a project today.

1) Go Green

Today “going green” and being economically aware of the environment is more important than ever. No one wants to use up all of our environments vital energy sources if there is a way to minimize this. During a construction process, paper is definitely used in excess and written on over and over and reprinted for everyone to be on the same page, literally and figuratively. With the use of an application like Latista Field, you can “go green” and no longer have to rely on blue prints. Everyone has access to all of the documents through the application on their phone, IPad or computer.

2) Reduces Project Costs

Project costs for construction teams are reduced with the usage of technology. The software enables everyone working on the project to be able to monitor what needs to be done and who needs to do it. Rather than having people come into the job site and get paid for doing nothing, the application makes it clear who is needed and makes it easy to manage the team’s schedule. The software also can manage project materials and notify you when more materials are needed, which minimizes overbuying. Nothing makes a customer happier than minimized project costs.

3) Visualize the Project

Much field mobile enterprise software like that of Latista have the BIM application feature. A BIM drawing, which stands for Building Information Modeling, allows teams to visualize their projects with a 3D representation of a project. This feature of the construction software allows teams to visually analyze a project and see the details of the project clearly. Through the BIM app you can zoom in on areas and mark areas on the model, which look like they have issues. BIM drawings work to reduce cost for projects and provide the most energy efficient solutions on the worksite.

Google Launches Invite Program To Bring Inbox To Google Apps For Work Customers

Last Fall, Google started its (slow) rollout of Inbox, its completely redesigned email experience for Gmail on the web and mobile. Even today, it’s still an invite-only service (but invites are pretty easy to come by these days). Until now, however, it wasn’t possible to use Inbox with Google Apps for Work accounts. That’s changing today. Google has now launched an invite process that allows Google Apps for Work admins to request access to the service.

Once again, Google is going with a very slow rollout. This is going to be an early adopter program and company admins that already use Google Apps for Work will have to email Google to request an invite ( Once they get that — and have Inbox enabled for their companies — their users will be able to use it. Google will send out the first invites next month.

Only admins will be able to ask for invites, by the way, so make sure you do something nice for your friendly neighborhood sysadmin on July 31st.

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Mobile Construction Management Apps at Your Fingertips

Construction management software tools are now readily available for mobile devices, and several are quite good. People are on the go and need their software apps to travel with them. They need the answers to be mobile too, not just the questions. There are so many out there today, it is difficult to wade through, to the very best.

Latista is a great construction management software company, offering a complete field management application to seemingly, meet all construction project management needs. Maintaining multiple projects of varying sizes, locations, at different stages of development can be difficult to track on a desk top unit. Latista makes your project management real easy with their mobile, cloud based solution. Storage space is limitless.

No matter what you need or where you are, your quality assurance needs are at your fingertips. Tracking punch lists are very efficient, one client mentioned. Their construction project management is tight and succinct, promising to save time through intuitive linkages, integrating all the different pieces, meeting all requirements according to project specifications.

Corecon Mobile was built specifically to accommodate workers in the field, unable to access the office units. Corecon Mobile was developed to fill the gap that Corecon V7 encountered. Corecon has an entire product line, fully compatible vertically. The job accounting and invoicing features work well with QuickBooks.

Procore captures a whole lot of features and functionality. The dashboard is a full page with very intuitive features that are easy to use. Multiple projects can be tracked and many users can be added at no additional cost. Each user can be defined by their function or role and access limited or expanded accordingly. Those using Oracle Primavera or MS Project can interface easily sharing scheduling with Procore. The drawing management tool, CurrentSet, has many convenient features, with version control, mark up and annotation capabilities. The document management feature has convenient directory and file level permission setting.

PlanGrid is another cloud-based construction app. The first 55 sheets are available free, for software review. The file sharing features are extensive and version control seems to be well designed. Sharing drawings with non PlanGrid users works conveniently, when they are emailed over.

Top 10 Companies That Create Business Automation Tools

One of, if not the top method for companies to drive revenue to their website and converting leads into sales, is by using business automation tools. Doing this can maximize the value of data, improve engagement and measure effectiveness of their marketing efforts. Ten valuable companies have created outstanding business automation tools that have deemed successful to the market, all around the world.

10 business automation tool creation companies that are on top of many professional reviewers and consumers lists:

1) Marketo – Very user friendly, according to reviewers, the most user -friendly out of the bunch. One of the best known and most mature. Great for any sized business and offers a complete set of tools for the largest campaigns.

2) Infusion Soft – Has the most customers at 7,000. Combines sales and marketing workflow into one interface.Great for small businesses.Increases marketing efficiency with personal campaigns and lead management.

3) Silver Pop – One of the best CRM systems and a leader in email marketing space. Includes: lead management, surveys, social integration and more.The only digital marketing technology that combines marketing automation with email, mobile and social marketing.

4) Act On – One of the newest but hits hard. Features: lead management, website visitor traffic, analytics and more. Great for any sized business.

5) Eloqua – Full loaded and offers optimum service. Spends excessive amounts of time helping their customers get the best out of there project.

6) SalesFusion – Effective for businesses online to improve their marketing campaign effectiveness through social media tools, scoring, email marketing and more.

7) Hubspot – 5,000 + customers The best all – around unit. Very versatile.Great for small business owners.Gives the basics of a broad spectrum of features. Includes lead transformation tools for transforming outbound lead generations to inbound ones. Very savvy.

8) Sales Force – Built on CRM and has many marketing automation solutions. Over 15 years on the market.

9) Loop Fuse – One of the highest recommended. Provides detailed reports on online customer’ behavior.

10) Lead Squared – This is considered as the “World’s friendliest Marketing Software”.B2C that manages the entire customer acquisition process.