Cunningham Energy Looking to Explore Opportunities in South America

Cunningham Energy ( recently announced that they have reached a working agreement with Cunningham Energy S.A. Cunningham Energy helps international investors who are looking to expand outside the US. Cunningham Energy has an expanding pool of International clients with a need to service and work with those companies outside the United States. Cunningham Energy is looking at possible operating activities in both South and Central America. Cunningham Energy is located in downtown Panama City near the Biscay Financial Center Tower.

Cunningham Energy is an oil exploration company. The West Virginia company was founded to help acquire, explore, and produce oil and gas. The company has relied on new technologies to keep up in the field of energy production. Cunningham Energy is looking forward to taking advantage of trends in oil and gas production with their future decisions.

Cunningham Energy is just one example of an energy company that is exploring potential opportunities based on their international clients in Central and South America. There is definitely an opportunity for United States and European companies leading the way in a Caribbean and Central American energy transition. While President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez established an oil financing program for the Caribbean. The Program helped countries in the Caribbean with fixed payment plans and a discount on credit terms.

Energy companies can find traction in the cleaner power generation. The United States is maintaining dialogue with the states involved in the program, and is searching for strategies to help the program. Developing infrastructure in Central America will help the most energy dependent states use electricity in Panamanian natural gas power plants.

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