Day to day operations of a construction business

The day to day operations for Frank Haney’s construction business vary depending on what type of business it is. Construction typically is divided up into various separate lines of work, such as framing, drywall, painters, plumbers and roofers. There are all sorts of things that need to be done at varying times throughout the timeline in which a building is being constructed. Generally speaking, there are usually general contractors that watch the overall operations and make sure that everything is running smoothly, especially in larger cities such as Washington DC.

The reality in construction is the fact that there is a general timeline, but things tend to go as conditions allow. All sorts of things can derail the operations that are set up for any given construction company at any given time, but generally they have a timeline that they follow and do work according to that. Construction is basically a continuous process that simply starts work where the last day finished. Typically you will be working on a project that is going to take a long time, months or even years, to complete. This means that the workers will do their daily operations and work towards completing the goal of finishing the project completely.

A lot of the time construction companies will be working on a plethora of projects at once, so that they stay busy all of the time. One of the biggest downfalls about being in the field of construction is the fact that a lot of the time there is no work. This simply happens because new buildings are not being erected for one reason or another, or their company failed to find any projects, leaving the construction workers with no choice but to go on unemployment for an undetermined period of time, until the construction company they work for finds more work. This is a process that is continual for construction workers, making the life of a construction worker fairly unpredictable from day to day. Most of the time there is not a significant clean up, this would be a big waste of time at the beginning of the day and the end of the day, and construction companies are all about finishing their projects in the most efficient manner as possible. Usually projects are detailed out and paid based on the overall completion, not in how long it takes to get the project done, so construction companies are motivated to move things along as quickly as possible.

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