The Five Best Real Estate Developers in DC

Real estate developers like Frank Haney in Washington DC often leave a legacy that lasts for generations at a time, and this article is a story of the legacies that are rung around the city’s history. Everyone who lives and works in the city has encountered these real estate families several times, and there are buildings rising throughout the city where the business of governing a nation takes place.

#1: The Lerners

The Lerners began their business with a small loan long ago, and they have used that single investment to build a company worth billions. They develop is cities aside from Washington, but they have made quite an impact on the city. The company is a family venture that has stood the test of time as it aids in growing Washington.

#2: The Cafritzes

The Cafritzes have built more offices in the city than anyone else, and they have remained committed to the art of growing business workspaces. There are quite a few buildings in the city raised by the family, and they remain in the city even now creating new projects for businesses who wish to move in.

#3: The Donohoes

The Donohoes do everything from manage the National Guard Memorial to build new homes in the city. There are small sections of town where new houses are built, and the company has participated in many fantastic developments that are jewels of the city. Everyone seeking a fine house to call home may shop with the Donohoes confidently.

#4: The Abramsons

The Abramson name is known around the country as they have built in several different cities, but they build most in Washington DC. Their legacy in the city spans several different developments, and they wish to offer a visitor experience that is quite exciting. They helped with the Holocaust Museum, and their offices rest in the city in the modern day.

#5: The Carrs

Carr Hospitality is now a partner of Intercontinental Hotels Group, but they started by saving the Willard Hotel. The city has remained as historic as possible with help from the Carr family, and they are wonderful to work with in the lodging sector. They have grown other buildings in the city, but they began as the hospitality partners of the nation’s capital.

The five best families in the city are those who build everything used by their fellow citizens. The five families listed have a legacy that will stand the test of time.

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