Government Owned Buildings by Family Owned Real Estate Development

There are currently many real estate development projects being launched by family owned companies operating in Washington D.C. These companies focus on the development of government property and work to improve government real estate throughout the region.

Being community conscious developers is a hallmark of many of these fine companies. In addition to improving the function and aesthetic appeal of these areas, they also work to create an eco-friendly environment.

No project is commenced without a full study of how the work will impact the community and environment as a whole. They conduct thorough investigations into the energy efficiency of all appliances, lighting and insulation as well as the water conservation and proximity to other structures. This allows them to produce the most beneficial designs and “green” improvements.

Only the best practices are applied to these projects. All family owned real estate development companies operating in the D.C. area use fully-accredited professionals and contractors with plenty of experience. This ensures that all the work is done to the standards set for all government buildings.

This includes all projects whether they work on residential or commercial facilities. It is essential that all types of projects meet local, state and federal requirements. This is especially important when applying water conservation methods and energy efficiency features. It is also important that these guidelines be followed for the methods of handling biodegradable wastes and other waste materials that must be disposed of.

All aspects of these requirements are met by these leading real estate developers. Furthermore, they still manage to create aesthetically attractive projects and great looking buildings too.

There are several companies operating throughout Washington D.C. that fit this description. Following is an overview of some of the most significant examples and a few details about them:

Frank Haney – this company works in both construction and development. They specialize in advising their clients on their projects to achieve stellar results.

-JBG Construction – this company had increased its value to over $1Billion in the last few years. They are known for their premiere services in development projects.

-Buchanan Brothers – the local experts in residential and commercial real estate development. These professionals are well-known for their “green-living” projects.

The work performed by these world-class companies has been showcased across the online world. Even celebrities have graced these developments with their pomp and flamboyance. President Donald Trump was seen hosting government meetings at the newly developed Trump Hotel in D.C. Tom Cruise made an appearance at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum which commemorates the fallen during that dark period.

Each of these companies has contributed to the wealth of beauty and culture enjoyed by the residents of Washington D.C. Their continued work is a sign of progress and an increased quality of life for the city and community.

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