Government Property Developers in Washington DC

There has been a big improvement in the old, rundown neighborhoods in DC thanks to real estate development. In DC, strict regulations exist that developers in to observe and before the approval of a property development project. All these are but for the safety measures, to protect life and property, and to always ensure that new buildings under construction strictly follow the laid down Frank Haney guidelines. To top it all, DC is now the new residence for real-estate investors and current president Donald Trump.

Real estate development companies in DC are involved in all sorts of property development; from residential, commercial, and government projects. They also do building maintenances and the renovation of old buildings.

Being the U.S Capital, there are undoubtedly quite a number of government real estate projects undertaken in DC. With that said, there are a number of government-approved real estate developers that can undertake such projects. These include:

Douglas Development Corporation

Douglas Development was established back in 1985 by its founder and current president Douglas Jemal. The Company is a fully integrated real estate company with 100 employees, but it remains a privately-operated, family-owned company. Some of the awards the company has received which demonstrate their recognition as one of the successful real estate companies in DC include the Community Service Award for the Atlantic building and the Mayor’s Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation.

JBG Companies

It is a privately-owned real estate investment and management company which initially started out as a law firm when it was founded back in the year 1957. It was until the year 1960 where they stopped the practice of law and then incorporated as the real estate development firm we know it today. They are involved in commercial, residential, hotel, and office projects in the DC area.

MK Development

They are a full-service general contractor offering construction services for government, residential, and commercial clients. MK Development was founded in the year 2005 as real-estate development and investment firm. Their team includes highly-experienced and professional staff, connected to a network of highly-qualified subcontractors, vendors, and local consultants. There are fully approved to conduct business in DC, Virginia, and Maryland.

Clark Construction Group

It is one of the most experienced and respected construction firms in the U.S in the industry for a period spanning over a century. They have been in operation since 1906, starting out as a small local excavator. With over 4000 employees spread out across the United States, Clark Construction has won numerous awards and accolades for craftsmanship, quality, and safety.

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