How Technology Will Change Construction Teams

Technology poses challenges for people in the 21st century. As a result of technology, there is a sense of personalization lost today and people feel as though their thoughts are not properly construed through technology. In a lot of ways though, technology is changing the world we live in for the better. Technology is making our lives easier and more efficient before our eyes. Construction is a field, which has used blue prints for years, and is finally making the technological plunge in a lot of ways.

Today there is different software available for construction teams to track their progress, manage project photos and workers schedules. There are a lot of advantages of using a software application like Latista field to streamline the construction design review process of a project today.

1) Go Green

Today “going green” and being economically aware of the environment is more important than ever. No one wants to use up all of our environments vital energy sources if there is a way to minimize this. During a construction process, paper is definitely used in excess and written on over and over and reprinted for everyone to be on the same page, literally and figuratively. With the use of an application like Latista Field, you can “go green” and no longer have to rely on blue prints. Everyone has access to all of the documents through the application on their phone, IPad or computer.

2) Reduces Project Costs

Project costs for construction teams are reduced with the usage of technology. The software enables everyone working on the project to be able to monitor what needs to be done and who needs to do it. Rather than having people come into the job site and get paid for doing nothing, the application makes it clear who is needed and makes it easy to manage the team’s schedule. The software also can manage project materials and notify you when more materials are needed, which minimizes overbuying. Nothing makes a customer happier than minimized project costs.

3) Visualize the Project

Much field mobile enterprise software like that of Latista have the BIM application feature. A BIM drawing, which stands for Building Information Modeling, allows teams to visualize their projects with a 3D representation of a project. This feature of the construction software allows teams to visually analyze a project and see the details of the project clearly. Through the BIM app you can zoom in on areas and mark areas on the model, which look like they have issues. BIM drawings work to reduce cost for projects and provide the most energy efficient solutions on the worksite.

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