Mobile Construction Management Apps at Your Fingertips

Construction management software tools are now readily available for mobile devices, and several are quite good. People are on the go and need their software apps to travel with them. They need the answers to be mobile too, not just the questions. There are so many out there today, it is difficult to wade through, to the very best.

Latista is a great construction management software company, offering a complete field management application to seemingly, meet all construction project management needs. Maintaining multiple projects of varying sizes, locations, at different stages of development can be difficult to track on a desk top unit. Latista makes your project management real easy with their mobile, cloud based solution. Storage space is limitless.

No matter what you need or where you are, your quality assurance needs are at your fingertips. Tracking punch lists are very efficient, one client mentioned. Their construction project management is tight and succinct, promising to save time through intuitive linkages, integrating all the different pieces, meeting all requirements according to project specifications.

Corecon Mobile was built specifically to accommodate workers in the field, unable to access the office units. Corecon Mobile was developed to fill the gap that Corecon V7 encountered. Corecon has an entire product line, fully compatible vertically. The job accounting and invoicing features work well with QuickBooks.

Procore captures a whole lot of features and functionality. The dashboard is a full page with very intuitive features that are easy to use. Multiple projects can be tracked and many users can be added at no additional cost. Each user can be defined by their function or role and access limited or expanded accordingly. Those using Oracle Primavera or MS Project can interface easily sharing scheduling with Procore. The drawing management tool, CurrentSet, has many convenient features, with version control, mark up and annotation capabilities. The document management feature has convenient directory and file level permission setting.

PlanGrid is another cloud-based construction app. The first 55 sheets are available free, for software review. The file sharing features are extensive and version control seems to be well designed. Sharing drawings with non PlanGrid users works conveniently, when they are emailed over.

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