The Oil Industry is Vital to the U.S. Economy

The world is a fast moving economy, and the demand for fuel is extremely high. While there are dozens of fuel producing countries across the globe, the instability throughout all of these countries makes oil an extremely unstable commodity.

Fortunately, the United States is able to produce a great amount of oil. From large oil producers like Chevron and Exxon Mobil to smaller, independent oil companies like Cunningham Energy, the United States has been extremely successful in its exploration and production of oil.

The United States has long been one of the greatest producers of oil in the entire world. When the combustion engine was first discovered, oil quickly became an extremely hot commodity. Throughout the two World Wars the United States was known as one of the greatest producers of oil in the world. After the second World War ended, the United States oil industry was slowly forgotten.

Today, with growing instability in the Middle East, as well as in South America, the world is looking for new sources of oil, and one of the best and most stable sources of oil in the world is the United States. Today, the oil industry is one of the biggest drivers of the United States economic success.

While you probably rarely think about it, oil is absolutely critical to the success of the United States. 95% of all transportation happens because of oil, and it is extremely important that the oil continues to pump. Fortunately, the United States has a wide variety of sources of oil. These sources range from the oil up in North Dakota, the Gulf of Mexico, Alaska, and many other oil wells across the United States. The United States offers a wide range of sources of oil, and the oil industry is rapidly adapting to the new global climate in order to provide the oil that Americans need.

One of the best parts of the oil industry is the fact that the oil industry provides a great deal of tax revenue to the United States. This tax revenue helps to build roads and schools, and it is making an incredible difference throughout the country. The tax revenue that the oil industry contributes to the United States economy is making a major difference in the world, and it is a vital part of the economy.

While the United States economy continues to grow and change, it is extremely important to realize that some aspects of the economy continue to remain fundamental to the country. Americans are recognizing the oil industry as one of the most vital parts of the United States Economy today is the oil industry.

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