Top 10 Companies That Create Business Automation Tools

One of, if not the top method for companies to drive revenue to their website and converting leads into sales, is by using business automation tools. Doing this can maximize the value of data, improve engagement and measure effectiveness of their marketing efforts. Ten valuable companies have created outstanding business automation tools that have deemed successful to the market, all around the world.

10 business automation tool creation companies that are on top of many professional reviewers and consumers lists:

1) Marketo – Very user friendly, according to reviewers, the most user -friendly out of the bunch. One of the best known and most mature. Great for any sized business and offers a complete set of tools for the largest campaigns.

2) Infusion Soft – Has the most customers at 7,000. Combines sales and marketing workflow into one interface.Great for small businesses.Increases marketing efficiency with personal campaigns and lead management.

3) Silver Pop – One of the best CRM systems and a leader in email marketing space. Includes: lead management, surveys, social integration and more.The only digital marketing technology that combines marketing automation with email, mobile and social marketing.

4) Act On – One of the newest but hits hard. Features: lead management, website visitor traffic, analytics and more. Great for any sized business.

5) Eloqua – Full loaded and offers optimum service. Spends excessive amounts of time helping their customers get the best out of there project.

6) SalesFusion – Effective for businesses online to improve their marketing campaign effectiveness through social media tools, scoring, email marketing and more.

7) Hubspot – 5,000 + customers The best all – around unit. Very versatile.Great for small business owners.Gives the basics of a broad spectrum of features. Includes lead transformation tools for transforming outbound lead generations to inbound ones. Very savvy.

8) Sales Force – Built on CRM and has many marketing automation solutions. Over 15 years on the market.

9) Loop Fuse – One of the highest recommended. Provides detailed reports on online customer’ behavior.

10) Lead Squared – This is considered as the “World’s friendliest Marketing Software”.B2C that manages the entire customer acquisition process.

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