Why Small Businesses Are Worth the Investment

A small business is born because an entrepreneur has a passion and saw a need that could be filled. During a time when the economy is still emerging, small businesses and start-up are the answer to new job creation. These start-ups are the key to America’s financial health.

It makes sense to nurture small businesses and start-ups through investing and venture capital. Many of us benefit from companies that were once just an idea or a small operation of one to two people that began by conducting business out of a garage. These start-ups and small businesses need capital in order to establish their company, perfect their product and share their service or product with the community. It takes a lot of courage to strike out on your own, and these businesses could have much to offer the local business economy when they flourish and grow in scope.

CAPCO programs have fostered growth in small business and start-ups by investing. Through investing CAPCO has created high wage jobs and has improved Washington D.C.’s infrastructure of venture capital. It is particularly wise for insurance companies to invest in CAPCO due to the fact that they receive a tax credit. In fact, there are three powerhouse companies that have been certified to provide $50 million in loans and equity during a ten year period. These companies include Enhanced Capital District Fund, Advantage Capital and Wilshire DC Partners LCC.

Today’s start-up can be tomorrow’s thriving business that creates high paying jobs. These employees will then spend their resources in the local business community, and the entire community will experience a trickledown effect as the result of those jobs that were created. America needs to be infused with a spirit of innovation. Entrepreneurs are a wealth of ideas. We need individuals that seek to improve services, products and quality of life. When investing in right start-up or local business improves the local economy, it makes sense that multi-million dollar companies should invest in their future. Investing in the future of small business in turn has a positive impact on other companies and the economy as a whole.

Investing in small business is worthwhile because it is an investment in the future. By providing capital to a start-up you could be supporting the ideas of the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. The economy can be revived through the small business sector; and as a country we thrive on innovative ideas.

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